The Team at WECC Westhafen Event & Convention Center

The Team at WECC Westhafen Event & Convention Center is as diverse as the events they manage. What unites them all is their impressive passion and dedication that they bring to their work every day, striving to find the best solutions for their clients. Discover what skills are needed for a position at WECC and what makes the work there so special.
Thorsten Schermall

Thorsten Schermall


Björn Neumann

Head of Sales & Operations

Björn is the type of leader whom many would wish for as their supervisor. His team consists of completely different personalities, yet he manages to extract and develop each individual’s special abilities. His appreciation for his colleagues becomes evident when speaking with him. He gives them the freedom to unfold their potential but is always there to support them and share his extensive knowledge. “Our success is collective. We all share the goal of advancing the company together. Therefore, successes are celebrated together, and setbacks are experienced together,” Björn explains.
Alisa Salamova

Alisa Salamova

Senior Project Manager

Alisa Salamova’s journey to WECC begins in a restaurant in Berlin, where she works as a waitress during her studies. Her regular customer? Björn Neumann, Head of Sales & Operations at WECC. He recognizes Alisa’s potential: “She has achieved a lot and earned everything herself. When life gives her lemons, she makes lemonade.” Alisa is studying business administration with a focus on hospitality management while simultaneously completing her training as a hotel specialist. And the waitressing? It finances her studies.

Nghia Nguyen

Sales Manager

At the age of 18, Nghia Nguyen ventured into entrepreneurship, organizing parties with a friend at various nightclubs, gaining his initial experience in the event industry. He later transitioned into the gastronomy sector but remained undecided about his career direction. Based on his event sector experience, he ultimately decided to pursue training as an event management assistant.
Pia Cygon

Pia Cygon

Sales & Project Manager

Pia Cygon has always been fascinated by the event industry. When she first visited WECC during an event while completing her training as a European business administrator, she was deeply impressed by the expansive grounds and unique character of the location. Her energy and passion are infectious. Speaking with Pia about her work, one immediately senses that she has truly found her calling in her profession.
Klemme Max

Maximilian Klemme

Operations Manager

When you talk to Maximilian Klemme, you immediately feel well taken care of. His calm, composed, and friendly demeanor draws you in, almost surprising given the breadth of his responsibilities. His role includes the complete coordination of service providers—ranging from personnel to furnishings and decorations, even handling inquiries about ships—as well as overseeing all operational activities within the facility, including maintenance, enhancements, and innovations.

Holger Wewer

Head of Food & Beverage

Holger Wewer thrives on variety. An environment where nothing changes? Not for him. It’s no wonder that the trained chef found his kitchen job too monotonous. So, he moved on. During his studies in food and nutrition sciences, he was looking for a part-time job. While browsing job ads, one caught his eye: catering. Why not?

Sebastian Degenhard

Technical Director

In the event industry, he explores creative avenues through set design, music, lighting, and culinary accents to craft immersive environments that facilitate great events.

Jonas Hefendehl

Logistics Manager

The execution of large-scale events brings sweat to many people’s brows: the stress, the responsibility, the numerous factors to consider. Jonas Hefendehl, on the other hand, comes alive when he talks about his work. Where others see stress, he sees opportunities. He thrives on the hustle and bustle of events. It all started as a side job, as Jonas originally intended to pursue general studies.

Sandra Brandt

Sous Chef

Mario Hinz


Claus Huneke


Holger König

Executive Chef

Jürgen Malieske


Sylva Polenz

Head of HR

Sebastian Wilke

Technical Management

Stefan Winter

Sous Chef / Patissier