WECC – Westhafen Event und Convention Center

Westhafen Event & Convention Center

An exciting new venue on a previously undiscovered site in the heart of the capital

A place for new ideas: Spread over 2,800m², eleven different rooms for various events have been created in the listed former warehouse 1 at Westhafen Berlin, providing a space for events with up to 1,500 people under one roof. Connected by a foyer, the two adjacent multi-purpose main halls form the heart of the venue with 770m² and 420m² and a ceiling height of 12.40m.

Variability as the ultimate goal: In the multi-purpose rooms at WECC you will find state-of-the-art media, light and sound technology as well as equipment for conferences and meetings for sophisticated conference guests. The unique charm of this particular venue is topped off by its ideal infrastructural connection to the most important hubs in Berlin (Potsdamer Platz, the central railway station, Berlin’s exhibition centre and the airport).



It doesn’t matter how big the conference is; at WECC you will find the right space to make a success of your plans. Our state-of-the-art technology provides a platform for you to showcase your imagination.

The breathtaking atmosphere in this almost 100-year-old venue makes every dinner an unforgettable experience.

The historical relationship between the previous manufacturing site for cars and modern events forms an ideal bridge for emotional product launches.

Be it concerts, incentive events, trade fairs or exhibitions, this venue sets the scene for all types of event. Our experienced team will happily advise you on how to make your ideas come to life.

12,40 m
ceiling height
1500 Pax
people max.
square metres


Industrial architecture in style

Large Hall

The large hall offers an ideal space for big events. The heart of the venue is suitable for conferences, gala dinners, receptions and product presentations. Vehicles can also be brought into the large hall using a sophisticated crane system.

· Surface area: 770 m²
· Capacity (row): 1000 pax
· Capacity (parliament): 550 pax
· Capacity (banquet): 560 pax
· Capacity (reception): 1200 pax
· Room height: 12,40 m

Small Hall

The small hall is a venue in its own right. With a surface area of 420m², independent events can be held here. Alternatively, you can use the small hall as an extension to the space upstairs.

· Surface area: 420 m²
· Capacity (row): 500 pax
· Capacity (parliament): 250 pax
· Capacity (banquet): 350 pax
· Capacity (reception): 500 pax
· Room height: 12,40 m

Reception (1st Floor)


The reception on the 1st floor is the central meeting point in the Westhafen Event & Convention Center Berlin. Inside the venue, the guests enter both rooms (large hall and small hall) via the reception. It can be used as a lounge area, a guest reception area and an exhibition area.

· Surface area: 250 m²
· Capacity (row): not applicable
· Capacity (parliament): not applicable
· Capacity (banquet): not applicable
· Capacity (reception): not applicable
· Room height: 12,40 m

Reception (Ground Floor)

First impressions count! The guests enter this spectacular venue through two large entrance gates on the riverside. Upon entering the building, guests are welcomed by an elaborate, modern foyer and a central, mobile reception desk. Mastic asphalt, clinkered walls and nostalgic details give guests an insight into the industrial culture of the past. Going up the central staircase or the lift, you will arrive at the 1st floor – or stay on the ground floor in one of the 8 workshop rooms which are directly connected to the reception.

· Surface area: 350 m²
· Capacity (row): not applicable
· Capacity (parliament): not applicable
· Capacity (banquet): not applicable
· Capacity (reception): not applicable
· Room height: 4,50 m

Workshop Room Combo (1 to 5)



For larger workshops, the specified workshop room sizes can also be combined, providing up to 120m² and 200m². The rooms can therefore be extended to meet your needs. There are projector connection points on the end walls so that all guests are able to get a good view of the media content presented.

· Surface area: 120 – 200 m²
· Capacity (row): 120 – 180 pax
· Capacity (parliament): 100 – 130 pax
· Capacity (banquet): not applicable
· Capacity (reception): 150 – 250
· Room height: 4,50 m

Workshop Room 6

The smallest of the workshop rooms is still 100% functional. Its clear, rational design provides space for intensive meetings. Modern connections, either with fibre optic cable or CAT cable, ensure the networking of the whole building. With almost 30m², you will find that this space is the best place to develop new ideas.

· Surface area: 30 m²
· Capacity (row): 35 pax
· Capacity (parliament): 16 pax
· Capacity (banquet): not applicable
· Capacity (reception): 45 pax
· Room height: 4,50 m

Workshop Room 7

Guests will find high-tech systems across the 40m² space. There are already connection points for projectors, laptops, screens and other modern devices in this room. This workshop leaves nothing to be desired.

· Surface area: 40 m²
· Capacity (row): 45 pax
· Capacity (parliament): 24 pax
· Capacity (banquet): not applicable
· Capacity (reception): 60
· Room height: 4,50 m

Workshop Room 8 (double unit)


The WECC venue is able to provide 60m² of floor space as the largest single workshop space. Whether the seats are arranged in a classic U-shape or in rows, this room is everything you would want from a modern workshop space.

· Surface area: 60 m²
· Capacity (row): 65 pax
· Capacity (parliament): 40 pax
· Capacity (banquet): not applicable
· Capacity (reception): 75
· Room height: 4,50 m



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Sektor B, Halle 1,
Westhafenstr. 1, 13353 Berlin

The WECC is located in West Berlin, close to Tegel airport, Berlin’s exhibition centre and the government district. The venue is directly connected to the BAB 100 motorway via the Beusselstraße junction and to the city of Berlin via the nearby S-Bahn and U-Bahn railway stations. The WECC is both unique and impressive due to the fact that the building is located directly on the river and has its own jetty. There are numerous pick-up points and hotels with their own jetties along the Spree. Guests can beat the traffic by travelling together comfortably and impressively along the river to the Westhafen Event & Convention Center. This is a new experience even for seasoned conference guests in Berlin.

U+S-Bahnhof Westhafen · S-Bahnhof Beusselstraße · Bus 106, 123, TXL

Car parking is available nearby at the following multi-storey car park:
Parkhaus MOA Bogen, Birkenstraße 21, 10559 Berlin



Sektor B, Halle 1, Westhafenstr. 1, 13353 Berlin